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It’s Official!

Looks like Bitcoin’s three-year civil war is finally nearing its end now that SegWit has locked-in. However, it won’t officially lock-in until tomorrow, once the signaling period has ended. The network will transition into a “buffer week” for a few weeks where users and miners will be given the opportunity to upgrade their software. Seemingly, after August 21, SegWit will activate and miners will begin to reject blocks that do not support this change.

Segregated Witness was first proposed in December 2015, by Bitcoin developer Pieter Wuille. SegWit is expected to fit in more number of transactions in each 1MB block thus reducing the congestion on the network. This has been a conflict within the bitcoin community for quite a long time but it appears to be finally resolved.

Also, other communities like Litecoin activated SegWit last spring.


News credit: coindesk.com

Image credits: gadgetsnow.com

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