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Is your current employer not paying you enough? Are you looking to make extra money? Then Bitcoin is the way to go. But the thing is, how to make money using Bitcoin? There is a common misconception among the general public that the only way to make money through bitcoins is either investing in “all-digital currency” or mining. While in reality, there are several other methods that can be used to generate money through bitcoins. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to do so.

Bitcoin Faucets:

Bitcoin faucets are one of the top ways to generate money. You can make around $100 to over $800 using Bitcoin faucets per month.

What happens in Bitcoin faucets is that you pay out a small Bitcoin amount to your users but gain much more in return by posting ads on your site.

Learn more about how to generate bitcoins

Setting Up Your Own Bitcoin Information Website:

This method is often overlooked. Mainly due to the time period it takes to set up a website. Most people aren’t aware of the importance of setting up a “Bitcoin information website”. Having a personal website that explains the basics of Bitcoin to new users can be extremely rewarding.

The primary way to make money through a website is ads. The more traffic you attract, the more advertisement your website will grab, hence more income.

Mini Earnings:

There are several websites that pay their users for completing simple tasks. However, it requires a bit of your time.

As the best way to earn from a website is interacting with ads, most site owners pay their users to visit those ads and complete certain tasks, such as:

  • Clicking ads
  • Feeding aliens
  • Killing animals
  • Watching videos

Warning: Some websites may infect your system with malware or viruses. Make sure you have a reliable antivirus product protecting you from these threats.

Make Cash Through Writing:

The internet is filled with numerous websites, forums, and blogs. These platforms often pay their users to promote the services/products they provide. All you have to do is to make some blog posts or write promotional articles for them. Some will pay you in cash, others in bitcoins. Both methods are great to generate extra cash.

Pro Tip: Gear up your English skills as most writing opportunities are in English.

Sell Your Products And Services:

Another easiest way to get Bitcoin is selling your products/services. Bitcoin is also a form of currency and you can grow your account by accepting the payment in bitcoins. There are several websites that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. is one of the leading names to do so.

The most common way to earn Bitcoin is by selling goods and services in exchange. Two well-known sites to sell products are bitify and

Bitify:  Bitify offers the escrow service and buyer have to pay 1% fee on it, on the other hand, escrow service is optional for the buyer. Whereas, the seller has to pay 2.5% on total sale price and 1.5% on the premium advertisement. individuals with Amazon have the option to sell products at discounted rates.

Furthermore, you can also earn Bitcoin by providing freelancer services.

Investing In Bitcoin:

The last point of our list of how to make money through Bitcoin is taking a dive into Bitcoin investment. Investing in Bitcoin is one of the safest options as they are always growing in value. Back in November, bitcoins were selling for around $250. As of now, their value has jumped up to $500. Almost doubled their value

Buying and holding Bitcoins:

When you start earning Bitcoin, you need a wallet to start transactions by receiving and buying the Bitcoins. A large number of platforms like Coinbase or provides such kind of services. These two are most used platforms among users with online and mobile version. You have the option of cold storage such as Trezor to keep your Bitcoin save in cold storage.

Once you acquire a wallet, you have complete authority to establish multiple addresses, which allows you to do transactions and receive Bitcoins. In addition, no need to put your real-life address because Bitcoin acts anonymously. And, related transactions can be viewed on Blockchain.

Bitcoin mining:

Bitcoin mining is quite complex as compared to buying and holding Bitcoins. So, it is not suggested to newbies. In this process, expensive machine and electricity are used to solve mathematical algorithm to get a reward of Bitcoins. where Bitcoin miners empower Bitcoin transactions by sharing their processing power. This is Bitcoin mining. It is totally up to you to mine individually or join a mining a pool such as Antpool, BTCC, SlushPool respectively. Whereas, in a mining pool, miners share their hashing power with each other to solve the blocks and divide reward equally. It is depending on the investing percentage of each person.

Bitcoin cloud mining:

Bitcoin cloud mining is basically, the process of mining Bitcoin by using remote data center with shared processing power. This process facilitates individuals to carry out their mining without managing the mining hardware.

It allows you to earn Bitcoin without any mining activity. Though, the cost of cloud mining will have a prominent effect on bottom line.

Genesis mining is the most reputable could mining. This mining is the best option if you want to take part in Bitcoin revolution at low cost. In addition, if you are looking for the profitable investment you need to buy cryptocurrency or get engaged with peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending.

Completing microtasks for Bitcoin:

You have the option to earn Bitcoin by completing micro-tasks on following platforms;


A smartphone app offers you the reward of Bitcoin by completing small tasks such as watching promotional videos, filling out surveys and testing apps.

Bitcoin Reward:

You can earn Bitcoin by watching videos, downloading and testing app or by filling out surveys and other small tasks as well.


This platform allows you to earn Bitcoin by playing games, downloading smartphone apps and by completing online promotional offers.

Day- trading Bitcoin for a profit:

If you are used to financial market’s trend and regular online trade then Day-trading Bitcoin will provide you the same opportunity to earn Bitcoin.

First and foremost trading strategy is, you buy the goods at the low rate and sell them at a higher price. whereas, in the case of the Bitcoin, if you want a successful trade, you need to Keenly observe the market trends, price dynamics and news as well.

Become a market maker on

Through individual trades, you have the ability to trade Bitcoin for fiat currencies. A large number of users are comfortable with this platform because it provides fast and easy payment procedure. You can sell your Bitcoin on Localbitcoins by following ways,

First, sign up with Localbitcoin

Second, you have to create Bitcoin advertisement. While you make an advertisement, you need to include payment method, set price limits and terms of trade.

Third, you need to reload your wallet for the customer to be able to access the trade request.

Fourth, once buyer open the trade, an amount will be transferred to escrow automatically.

Fifth, when a buyer makes payment and clicks the button Mark payment complete, you will receive the message of trade completion.

Sixth, on the confirmation of payment, Bitcoins release to buyer’s Localbitcoin wallet.

Last, you have to leave feedback message for the buyer.

Bitcoin’s Bid/offer price is varying from country to country. You have the ability to make money as the market maker on Local Bitcoin if you are making the market in less saturated Bitcoin markets.

Online Bitcoin Casinos Gambling:

If you want to make money through casino gambling and earn in Bitcoin, there is a large number of Bitcoin Casino and gambling sites are available such as Starcoin, Crypto Games, BetKing, and vDice.

Investing in Peer-to-peer loans:

You have the option to generate outstanding returns by investing in peer to peer lending through well-reputed sites such as Bitbond.

Peer-to-peer lending is a process by which an individual is enabled to get the loan on low transaction fees. Because of price fluctuations, you get an excellent return on your loans.

One thing you have to keep in your mind, expand your risk capabilities by lending to borrowers.

Goodluck with your earnings

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Bitcoin – puzzling rise of the bitcoin

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Bitcoin info: An insane rise in the value of the bitcoin is providing a new discussion to the technology world.

A number of people are really wondering about the origin of it, they are puzzled by this phenomenon? surprise how it is physical? how they withhold on it? how bitcoin works? or whether a new bubble like this, is on its way?

Whereas others count that the currency change brings the sans regulations.

If we look back, one Bitcoin was at the value of $0.003 in 2010. Whereas, its value in 2017 raises to $2500. Clearly, means that one bitcoin is equal to the 2500 US dollars. By multiplying the perspectives bitcoin’s value is 879,999 times.

 So, which thing people buy in actual????

On another side, people think about the hoarding of the bitcoins.

One of the trader’s point of view is, “Of course, you can spend bitcoins to purchase items at places where they are accepted. But a lot of traders are buying on speculation because the supply of bitcoin is limited”.
All we know that there is 21 million total supply of the bitcoins and 70% are mined already from the internet. And, a sharp increase of the bitcoin is associate it with “bubble” word.

Billionaire Mark Cuban already admit that it has a worth, it has a value in blockchain technology. And named it as a bubble early in this month.

Few of them relate this bitcoin hype to the “Tulipmania. A well-known episode in Dutch history 1636-1637.  Where the value of tulip bulb was pushed by the gamblers to rapid heights.

Unfortunately, the bubble burst and bulbs price crashed. The main reason for this crash was, no existence of the fundamental value of a bulb.

But, in the case of the bitcoin, you are free to spend your coin and get goods and services. This scope is continually expanding. Traders of the bitcoin are the well-wisher of this technology and claims that bitcoin’s attractiveness directly lies in its potential.

Furthermore, it is possible that fiat money also doesn’t have original value but it is controlled by the different sources. That is a reason for long-term investment.

Japanese government legalized the bitcoin, it is a live example that cryptocurrencies are making their ways into the mainstream.

Bitcoin is not only one cryptocurrency, which is available with the limited supply. In fact, there are more than 900 digital currencies available on the internet. Whereas, cryptocurrencies are basically decentralized digital money, which is not created by any government or central bank.

Additional tag: Bitcoin stock market

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Blockchain Technology Trend: Will it affect the future of social media marketing?

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It’s really important for you to understand the fact that social media is going to take a dramatic shift, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a social media marketer, providing services to your business or a business owner, who uses social media to interact with his customers.

Blockchain technology Impact on Social Media Marketing

Blockchain technology is unsettling many businesses, and social media is one of them as it is likely to feel the consequences of blockchain commotion first. There are many companies that used to build and promote their brands on social platforms like; Facebook and Twitter. Such companies are soon going to comprehend that all that investment of time may have been nothing. As blockchain technology alters the platforms, customers and businesses usage, including how they network, social media marketing is soon going to experience a disruption that it has never gone through before.

Do you want to get yourself ready for the future of blockchain-enabled social media marketing? If you do, here are the five trends you must have to follow:

Growing Interest

An increasing interest can be seen in verified online identities. Business owners are gradually in quest of customer outreach platforms where they can upsurge their marketing return on investment “ROI,” as an immense bot glitch on social media platforms including; Facebook and Twitter is observed. Plus, those business owners who do not wish to endure the market hooked on the black hole of social media and fake ad impressions find it very appealing when they are able to get along with customers who’ve had their identities validated through blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Verified Identities

While the verified identities will affect blockchain-enabled social media future, similar verified marketplaces of concurring people and companies will be also affected. If we talk about the marketplaces, they are already mounting to deal with the certain requirements and this will remain the same as blockchain technology is becoming “mainstream,” making business owners comprehend and realize its ability. The capability of marketing of a verified group of people and firms that you are interested in and what you’re retailing can actually lessen your marketing efforts though it increases your return on investment of time.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain-Enabled Social Media Networking

If blockchain-enabled social media networking and cryptocurrencies are combined together, you can see another tempting instance of the future of the social platform. If decentralized platforms become common, social media users will be provided with an opportunity to choose the platforms and on which platform to network. The users will be attracted to the platform because of the ability to make small amounts of cryptocurrencies for the pursuits and the aids to platform development will get rewarded. Just take a moment and think about the time you spend on social networking sites at this time (including Facebook and Twitter) and envision if every post that you’ve made helped you in earning a small amount of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, since the future of crypto-enabled social media is certainly enticing.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Collectibles

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology collectibles are likewise swaying the social media future. The interest in the crypto-collectible area is significant, with some first movers like CryptoKitties, which has raised millions of dollars in just investor funding. Even though some might see the crypto-collectibles as nought and consider it just a mobile game, the fact is that some of these crypto-collectible firms propose eventually to their games into the platforms such as Android or iOS. When the whole sub-markets are made on top of the crypto-collectible game, the enticement of these inventions becomes unambiguous.

Blockchain and Smart contracts

Blockchain technology and smart contracts are also going to have an impact on the span of counterfeit content. The social media networks of today are getting swamped with everything –from counterfeit news to spam bots. If we talk about the social media networks of the future, the content dispersal won’t depend on validated information and the perceptible spread of information. The capability to block content as well as its suppliers is also an appealing opportunity for brand manufacturers.


In short, we can say that Blockchain-enabled social media is going to have a dramatic effect on famous platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

Many social media marketers are already exploring the blockchain landscape to become the initial adopters of new social networking opportunities. As soon as you completely understand the capability of blockchain-enabled social media marketing, you can easily adapt your current business approaches to put up with this new certainty.

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How to Protect Your Privacy and Bitcoin Security Online?

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In today’s world, maintaining online privacy and security has become quite a big deal. Despite all the technological advancements, the hackers are still able to find ways to breach the security of internet users – especially those involved in Bitcoin transactions.

Since Bitcoin is the most valuable form of digital currency out there, hackers particularly target those who prefer to store their wealth in the digital realm.

But it’s not only hackers that are stealing your data. Government and non-state actors also spy on your personal information. But don’t worry, there are many steps that one can take to secure his online privacy and the Bitcoin security.

First, we will talk about how to protect your privacy online.

How to Protect Your Bitcoin Online:

Online Bitcoin Security:

Web Browsers That Are Privacy-Centric:

There are very few browsers that put user privacy on top of their priority list. Brave browser, Mozilla’s Firefox and Tor browser are few to name.

Here is a brief idea as to how each of these browsers works:

Brave browser:

  • Blocks ads
  • Blocks tracking applications
  • Uses bitcoins incentives to give users a better experience

Mozilla’s Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is a great tool if you want extensions that focus on security and confidentiality of a user.

Tor Browser:

One of the top-notch browsers that provide complete anonymity to its users. Some highlights of Tor browser include:

  • Hides IP
  • Obscures the proxies
  • Allows users to surf websites that are not indexed on traditional browsers like Google Chrome.

Use a VPN:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) changes a user’s IP address and server location. Moreover, they provide re-routing and encryption which provide the users with complete anonymity. As a result, third parties are unable to track the location and interfere with the privacy of a user.

Use Email/Messaging Services That Provide End to End Encryption:

Use privacy-focused email services such as Tutanota, Protonmail, etc. as they provide end to end encryption. These services are extremely useful to communicate with other users without giving away your personal details.

You can also read our guide on the safest Bitcoin wallets to ensure the safety of your Bitcoin assets.

How to Protect Your Bitcoin Online?

Following are the ways that can help you keep your bitcoin safe from a security threat.

Multi-Signature Transactions:

The system requires more than one person and keys to authorize a Bitcoin transaction. It’s a digital signature scheme and protects the cryptocurrency from being spent without informing all the signers.

Cold Storage:

The system involves storing your assets offline. Cold storage helps to keep your bitcoins away from intruders. The cold storage techniques can store online wallets, offline wallets, paper wallets and other forms of protected media.

Backing Up the Information:

Most the privacy and security-focused services use passwords, PINs and secret phrases to gain access. Backing up these details so they won’t be lost is a good idea.

Learn how to backup Bitcoin wallet and other related information here.

Make copies of your security codes, PINs, password and store them in secure, offline location. If you don’t backup the information and, unfortunately, lose your wallet – there is no way to recover the lost assets.

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Pay With Bitcoin

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Got bitcoins to spend? Many renowned platforms have just started to incorporate payment options Bitcoin. Along these lines, you’re in luck if you’ve been clutching yours for some time now and feel prepared to use them to make a buy.

Here we are going to mention top online platforms where you can pay with Bitcoin. so let’s get started! was the main online retailer to begin accepting bitcoins in January of 2014. Joining forces up with CoinBase, a standout amongst the most prevalent bitcoin trades, the organization enables its clients to pay for everything from portable PCs and TVs to toss cushions and ottomans with bitcoins.

To utilize bitcoin on, at checkout just select the “Pay with bitcoin” to finish your buy.

Shopify Stores:

 In case you’re not familiar with Shopify, all you truly need to know is that it’s an online platform that enables traders to set up their own online shops to offer their items like Etsy or eBay. In November 2013, every one of the 75,000+ Shopify dealers got the option to begin accepting bitcoin payments with the assistance of BitPay.


 Satellite TV and Internet specialist organization Dish Network acknowledged its first bitcoin installment in August 2014. A dish is one of the biggest organizations so far to embrace any sort of digital currency, and furthermore, the first subscription-based TV provider to do so.

Dish has joined forces with CoinBase for its bitcoin exchanges.

So this pretty much covers everything to be bought with Bitcoin. Time to go online shopping, huh?!

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Cryptocurrency Crackdown: India Restricts Cryptocurrency

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2018 doesn’t seem to give a sign of relief to the cryptocurrency community as a latest press release by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has stirred up an unrestrained response, which is leading the cryptocurrency enthusiasts in a panic. RBI has been releasing warnings to the crypto-community related to the cryptocurrency in India and its risks, including:

  • Potential financial risks
  • Operational risks
  • Legal risks
  • Customer protection
  • Security related risks

Coming off the haze about the stance of government in distinguishing the ability of Blockchain technology and discovering its usage for abetting digital economy, the Finance Minister of Hon’ble in his ‘budget’ speech specified that cryptocurrencies are not identified as a legitimate tender, leaving an inexplicable uncertainty. Many in the crypto-community hailed the indication of “crypto” in the speech and took it to be an indirect sign for sanctioning the cryptocurrency trading, while others were nervous on the investment’s fate.

Risks Involved with Cryptocurrencies

Subsequently, the fury of RBI has stumbled now, and the crypto community has caught in another swirl of legal haphazard. The RBI’s press release accredited the potential of Blockchain in developing the efficacy of the financial system, though, at the same time it highlighted the perils that are involved with cryptocurrencies, such as:

  • Consumer protection
  • Market integrity
  • Money laundering

Furthermore, the RBI notified that the entities controlled by it will be prohibited from offering facilities to business entities or individuals, dealing with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, cryptocurrency investors won’t have the ability to transfer currency from their bank accounts to cryptocurrency trading wallets such as:

  • Zebpay
  • Coinsecure
  • Unocoin

Restriction on Banks

If it is supposed that the RBI pursues to save the over-all public from such perils, then it must specify the related reasons which turned out to be ground for issuing such a draconian direction. Quite the reverse, the RBI has put a total restriction on the banks to deal with business entities as a whole. The direction of the RBI pursues to paint all the entities in the cryptocurrency trade with the same brush, which can’t withstand the test of legitimate authenticity.

It is usually believed that the such encounters give escalation to the chances of development. At this current stage, the cryptocurrency community is required to keep patience and wait for the regulation to take its particular course as per other regions where the cryptocurrency is struggling to survive. The relating events will surely bring out the innovative avenues for the crypto-world in India.

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